Singleshot applications (with Prof. Kono)

Using the echelon setups we are demonstrated investigation of laser ablation and continuous terahertz light sources.

Terahertz oscilloscopes (with Prof. Mizuno)

Using time-encoding and time-lens method (chirp pulse upconversion technique), we developed

High harmonic generation (with Prof. Matsunaga)

We are using HHG for measuring the materials that are useful for structural materials.

2D materials and transition metal dichalcogenides (with Prof. Kono and Yanagi)

We are using luminescence spectroscopy and terahertz STM to measure the nanoscale ultrafast dynamics.

Broadband terahertz TDS (with Profs. Nishijima and Kebukawa)

We realized the spectroscopy of metamaterials and astronomical materials.